Advice To Democrats And Republicans: Here’s How To LOSE Independent Voters In 2012

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Arkansas columnist Joe Gandelman gets it:

“The 2012 Presidential election campaign is now shaping up as a political life and death battle over independent voters, where the losing candidate will be the one who turns them off the most.”


“Independent voters understand Republicans and Democrats. Which is why many independents remain independents.”

Even better:

“Here’s some advice to both parties on how to lose independent voters in 2012:

• Make your hypocrisy blatant, so what you say later is negated by press reports of what you said before or, better yet, video showing your past comments. Make the hypocrisy so clear that a mega-quick Google search shows your indignation somehow was missing when your side said or did the same thing. Or that you even said it yourself.

• Be secretive and get caught at it on an open mic talking to a foreign leader or by a reporter who overhears a supposedly closed-door conversation. Refuse to or stall in releasing your tax returns and keep that issue alive. Compare your foes to famous dictators, or slap an extreme label on them and or compare them to political mass murders (Stalin, Hitler, Nazis, fascists, socialists, Marxists, Communists), so when Indies look at you they hear “The Twilight Zone” theme.

• Push the polarization button and only talk to your party’s ideological base. Ignore, downplay or evade serious talk about the economy and what needs to be done next.”

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