Alex Pires, Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate (Delaware)

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Independent voters of Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic Region, and America:  there’s a new candidate for U.S. Senate who may deserve your attention.

Alexander Pires, an attorney and business owner declared his candidacy for US Senate in Delaware last week, running as an Independent. He did so on FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren’s “On The Record,” as he’s known Van Susteren for years as a personal friend. Click through for the video, but in short, Pires is running on a largely populist platform against Democratic Senator Tom Carper, a 36-year incumbent. In fact, he’s gone so far as to name his website On his whirlwind tour through the Delaware media last week, he also made an impassioned 40 minute long radio appearance discussing his political views, the skeletons in his closet, and taking calls from listeners. At the end, the host called it “his favorite political interview in 29 years of reporting.” How’s that for a political debut?

Pires is against Big Banks (and campaign contributions from them), wants term limits and pay cuts for the Senate, and is the kind of fiery personality that stands a chance to connect with voters in such a small state as Delaware. Stranger things have happened recently in Delaware:  Christine O’Donnell won the Republican U.S. Senate primary (before she was a witch) and voters unseated longtime incumbent Congressman Mike Castle just two short years ago.

Pires looks to be no slouch. As an attorney, he’s won big class action lawsuits for farmers against various branches of the Federal Government, and as a business owner, he runs several popular establishments in Dewey Beach, Delaware’s answer to the Jersey Shore. It remains to be seen what becomes his Independent candidacy for the Senate, but with his personality, resources, and take-no-prisoners attitude, Delaware’s two party establishment may be in for a bumpy ride with Mr. Pires.



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  1. les aaron October 17, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Alex, I was at the Convention Center today, and I was turned off by everyone there except you; you were the only one who made sense. I’ve voted for Carper ever since I moved down here about 12 years ago. And I’ve seen nothing that he’s accomplished. Moreover, talking about Simpson Bowles as the Solution was a real turn off since he didn’t say word one about the downside, keeping the tax breaks for the rich and making it up on the backs of the middle class with drastic cuts in SS and Medicare, Medicaid. I am small businessman and I resent someone lying to my face or committing the sins of omission and commission. See my site under Les Aaron, you got a plug today. i was the former head of the Dean campaign down here and I set up all the committees for Kerry and was an ardent Gore supporter…. You’ve got my vote!


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