American$elect Leaders Divided On Who Would Make A Good President

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April 10, 2012 – Irregular Times: Americans Elect Leaders Can’t Stop Themselves from Weighing in on the Presidential Race

Impressive detective work by liberal blogger Jim Cook shining light on inconsistencies and conflicts within American$elect. Direct from his post:

Americans Elect has a neutrality policy for itself as a collectivity and for its directors, officers and paid staff.


Does Americans Elect support any candidate?

No. Americans Elect, its directors, officers, and paid staff do not and will not support or oppose any particular candidate…


Rule 10.0 Free Speech and Neutrality. Until the Americans Elect ticket has been selected by majority vote of participating Delegates in the Nominating Round of voting, Americans Elect shall be neutral with respect to all candidates and shall not endorse, oppose, advance, or advocate any particular Candidate.

But it seems Americans Elect leaders can’t help themselves.

Americans Elect Campus Director Nick Troiano, April 3:

Comcast News’ Robert Traynham: I assume you want experience as well. Right?

Americans Elect Campus Director Nick Troiano: Sure, absolutely. And there are many people experienced in politics.

Traynham: Name one.

Troiano: I mean, we’re looking at, look at Olympia Snowe, for example. She has served several terms in the Senate. Joe Lieberman. Jon Huntsman’s a former governor. On both sides of the aisle we are seeing people.

Dan Winslow, Americans Elect Chief Legal Counsel (and listed as an officer in 2011), April 9: “Everything I say I do. You cannot be surprised that I am a fan of #MITT2012. My agenda is very anti-crappy for MA.”

Christine Todd Whitman, Americans Elect Director, speaking about the 2012 Republican presidential candidates on April 9: “I think the Republican performance has been, frankly at times, shameful and certainly embarrassing as a Republican. At least my kind of Republican has not been happy with what I’ve seen…. This go-round, there are a whole lot of Republicans I’d take out in a nanosecond given the way they’ve talked about women and women’s issues.”

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Americans Elect Director, February 9:

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild: Hillary Clinton believed in a strong America.

Neil Cavuto: Would you want her on your ticket?

de Rothschild: I would want her as President any day of the week!

Mark McKinnon, who was formerly listed as part of Americans Elect “Leadership” and now is noted as part of their Board of Advisors, tweeted the following on April 3:

Mark McKinnon goes all out for Americans Elect and Buddy Roemer with Lawrence Lessig as VP

See those two Retweet icons over on the right-hand side? They’re the accounts of Buddy Roemer himself and of Taunton Melville, Roemer’s campaign treasurer. Get the Roemer-Lessig bumper stickers ready.


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