Angus King, Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate (Maine)

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Well, it’s officially official. Independent US Senate Candidate Angus King is a candidate on the Maine ballot in November, pending approval of over 6000 signatures by the Secretary of State.

King and his campaign team delivered the signatures to the Maine State House this past week, where he served two terms as the state’s Independent Governor from 1995-2003. The presumed frontrunner, King continued to make remarks on his potential influence as an Independent voice in the Senate:

“All it would take is four or five — a centrist coalition, if you will — who can have a great deal of influence on the course of modern American history,” King said in Augusta.

Perhaps King is intent on forming some sort of new “Gang of [Insert Number Here]” – a coalition of Centrist or Independent Senators which could wield tremendous bargaining power on close votes. King however, isn’t getting too big for his britches quite yet:

“I’m neither arrogant enough nor naive enough to think that I can go to Washington all by myself and fix things,”

- Angus King

More on King’s candidacy and it becoming officially official:

May 30, 2012: Kennebec Journal:  King’s in, signatures in hand
May 29, 2012: AP: King submits ballot signatures in US Senate race

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