Are You A “Populist,” “Establishment” Or “Problem-Solving” Independent?

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James P Pinkerton comes up with some potential parties for Independent Voters and other disenchanted Americans:

“These parties do not exist–but they could. And maybe they should, so that we could have a broader and better national debate… Let’s examine what we might dub the Establishment Party, the Populist Party, and the Problem-Solving Party.”

Which of the three, if any, would you join?

Also interesting is his explanation as to why independents have struggled to coalesce effectively in contrast to the two mainstream parties:

“One reason for this third-party failure is that the two existing parties, increasingly ideological as they have become, actually seem better qualified at attracting intensely ideological voters on the fringes–libertarian-leaning and green-leaning–than they are at attracting swing voters in the middle. Most environment-conscious green voters, for instance, seem comfortable enough in the Democratic Party, and so the Green Party is left on the margin.”


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