Bullcrap Monday: Inaugural Edition

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No, despite the title, we’re not going to talk about Barack Obama’s 2nd Inauguration. Did Beyonce lip synch? Did she not? Who cares. On to the good stuff.

We’re going to start off every week at Independent Voters of America with a new feature simply entitled “Bullcrap Monday,” because let’s face it — there’s a lot of BS (or for these purposes, BC) being shoveled in and around Washington D.C. by both Democrats and Republicans. Every Monday, we’ll start off your week by giving you a couple of stories that exemplify what’s wrong with American politics today, and point out how as independent voters, we can hold the responsible parties accountable. Without further ado…


What a bunch of bulls**t, U.S. Treasury! The Washington Post reported earlier today that the Treasury was signing off on big raises and bonuses for “banksters” last year, in violation of rules under the 2008 bailout that limited their pay. Eighteen raises from $100,000 to $1 million for executives at AIG, GM, and Ally Inc. were approved by the Treasury last year. Not only are the big banks “Too Big To Fail,” now they’re apparently also “Too Big To Not Request And Receive Taxpayer Funded Executive Bonuses.” What a load of bull — shame on you U.S. Treasury!


You may be a devoteé of Paul Krugman, or maybe you’re all about Austrian Economics, but one thing most independent voters should be able to agree on is that most economists are full of crap. Here’s further proof — two economists have gone to great lengths and published a peer-reviewed study that essentially claims that economists aren’t politically driven. Right. Just like the political media isn’t “politically driven.” Or the punditry class. Totally neutral! I’ll start believeing this bull the next time Krugman publishes an op-ed for FOXNews.com or The Wall Street Journal… What a load of crap!

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