Declared: Independents’ Day

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Move over July 4th, the San Francisco Chronicle has declared this upcoming Tuesday June 5th California Primary as Independents’ Day.

Since the 2010 passage of Prop. 14 (funded by our friends over at IVN), California’s electoral system has changed to a “top two” or “jungle” primary, in which candidates of all parties are on the ballot together, with the top two vote getters advancing to a November runoff. In theory, this rules change will prevent candidates of the two major parties from “running to the left” or “running to the right” and should produce more moderate choices for voters in the November general election.

Additionally, the “top two” primary format has given candidates of any party persuasion the option of simply running as an Independent, or “decline to state” candidate and attempting to build a moderate coalition of Independent voters and weak partisans to secure a top two spot to advance to the general election. So far, the results have been favorable. Independent candidates for Congress like Linda Parks, Chad Condit, and Anthony Adams have made waves against Democrat and Republican candidates in their respective districts, and figure to be in the running to advance to November. If Parks, Condit, Adams, or another third party candidate secures a top two spot on June 5, it will truly be the first Independents’ Day of many to come in California.

If you’re a California voter, make sure to click through to the article to familiarize yourself with the new electoral rules.

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