Former Maine Gubernatorial Candidate Eliot Cutler Calls For Political Reform

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Eliot Cutler, 2010 Independent candidate for Governor of Maine, came oh so close to taking office as Maine’s third Independent Governor, receiving 36.3% of the vote in a three way race and narrowly taking second place to Republican Governor Paul LePage.

He gave a speech Monday calling for political reform:

Cutler said the Democratic and Republican parties are stuck in a “time warp.” Few legislators today would describe themselves as moderates; conversely fewer Americans would identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats, he said.

More from a feature on Cutler:

Cutler said primaries and caucuses have become dominated by large campaign contributors and narrow interests. The resulting nominees often do little to impress or excite voters, he said.

He said one of his goals is to overcome the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, which held that government may not ban corporations from contributing to candidate elections.

Cutler said that outside, non-candidate and non-party campaign spending has increased 338 percent since 2006.

Cutler is one of nine state chairs for Independent candidate Gov. Angus King’s run for Maine’s US Senate seat vacated by Senator Olympia Snowe.

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