Goodnight 112th Congress

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The above image shared on Facebook by The Other 98% got us thinking of a goodnight (moon) poem for the historically inept 112th Congress. What other way could we put those quo squabbled like children to bed, than with a reading level appropriate poetic lullaby? Without further ado, Independent Voters of America is happy to present:

Goodnight 112th.

Goodnight House,
Goodnight Senate,
Goodnight and good riddance to the debt ceiling limit.
Goodnight Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell,
Would it be too strong to say, see you in Hell?
Goodnight bills, the record few that you passed,
Goodnight civil liberties, NDAA’s on your a**!
Goodnight bad blood, and those one-on-one negotiations,
And goodnight AAA Credit Rating, see you somewhere else on vacation!
Goodnight entitlements,
And goodnight Medicare
Goodnight Social Security, which doesn’t seem fair.
Goodnight House Majority
And goodnight John Boehner
Wait, he’s Speaker again? Now what’s up Boehner haters?
Goodnight Fiscal Cliff, and goodnight bipartisan cooperation,
And hey everyone, remember, no more insider trading!
Goodnight FOX News, and goodnight MSNBC
Could you both stop the hyperpartisan BS, please?
Goodnight 112th Congress, where legislation couldn’t move,
Maybe filibuster reform could be much improved…
Goodnight First Term Obama,
And Goodnight Washington D.C.
Good morning 113th Congress, could you all please work more effectively?

If you’ve got any reflections on the 112th Congress, poetic or otherwise, please share them in the comments!

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