How Super PACs Will Try To Convice You To Stay Home On Election Day

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March 29, 2012: The New York Times: Suppress The Vote!

2012 will be the first election cycle where Super PACs pick up some of the major two parties’ dirty work:  suppressing the vote in a new and improved way, with even less transparency and accountability.  Read this article for self-defense, and spread the word. An important excerpt:

Super PACs are the perfect vehicle for voter suppression, thanks to two crucial advantages they have over traditional campaigns. First, they operate in a legal black hole of opaque disclosure requirements that allows them to disguise their activities. Second, a candidate’s campaign is shielded from a super PACs’ duplicitous actions by a legal firewall that prevents coordination between the two entities. These features afford a super PAC plausible deniability: they can suppress the vote while claiming to have done something else, and the candidate can easily disavow a super PAC’s actions.

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