Let’s Change the Course of Our Country

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A Lesson for Candidates In What Independent Voters Really Want

At Independent Voters of America, we maintain that independent voters decide every close election. The problem is, not enough self-identified independent voters know the power they hold.

The two major political parties in America don’t want to admit that elections are actually decided by independent voters. In fact, they have a vested interest in making sure you don’t know it because if independent voters realized how collectively powerful we are, the two parties and their candidates would have to dramatically change how they operate. And they like things the way they are now.

Independent voters exist all across the political spectrum. But we all have a few concerns in common:

  • Washington is gridlocked by partisan politics, and nothing meaningful is being accomplished.
  • No one is being held accountable for these failures.  Politicians and our two major political parties simply point fingers at each other.
  • Candidates for office, rather than parroting partisan political party lines, should be telling us, the voters, specifically how they will change this situation and get things done that will better our everyday lives.

The candidates who can answer these concerns to the satisfaction of independent voters will prevail in every close election of 2012.  (And they are concerns every candidate running for office ought to have answers for, anyway).

Our political system is more broken today than ever before in our history. If you’re tired of both parties feuding and getting nothing done, you have the power to change it. Take a moment and Join Independent Voters of America today.

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