Independent of Interest: Angus King

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Hey… US Chamber of Commerce. 1776 called. They want their effective political ad back!

The Resume: Independent candidate for US Senate in Maine, Governor Angus King, holds a big lead over his competition a few weeks before his impending “coronation” on Election Day 2012 as our next truly “independent” Senator. Governor of Maine from 1995-2003 as an independent, King remains popular in the state and immediately surged to the lead in polls after announcing his candidacy following moderate GOP Senator Olympia Snowe’s shocking retirement announcement earlier this year. Unlike unabashed Progressive Bernie Sanders or retiring “Independent In Name Only” Joe Lieberman, King is a truly pragmatic, moderate independent politician who’s left both parties in a bind by not pledging his support to either, although it’s assumed that he’ll caucus with Democrats based on his past record.

The Opponents: Underfunded Democrat without a hope, State Senator Cynthia Dill, and blustery GOP Maine Secretary of State, Charlie Summers.

Dollars and Sense: Candidate King has a huge fundraising lead, with his staff pulling in over $2 million in contributions before Sept 30, 2012. Summers has raised almost $800K, not counting substantial support from independent expenditure groups to compensate for King’s monetary advantage. Dill has no shot at winning with so many on the left supporting King, and has only raised $162K during the entire cycle. The big money spent in Maine has come from independent expenditure groups, who have dropped $3.3 million worth of attack ads against King, according to the latest FEC reports dating to October 23. When outside spending eclipses campaign spending two to one… Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Ad Wars: With so much outside spending, you wouldn’t be surprised to see any false, misleading, or untruthful ads, would you? The typical hit jobs on King have come from groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. And in one of the strangest twists of Election 2012, there’s even a GOP PAC running ads for the Democratic candidate to attack the Independent from both sides… genius? Or… huh?

Prediction: The latest polls show King still comfortably in the lead, and we’ll be happy to see him “crowned” our next independent US Senator on November 6th!

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