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Independent voters come from all across the political spectrum.  But there are some common beliefs we all seem to share.  If you believe what we believe, become a member and join us.

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  1. alex hoag May 22, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    I’m an independent thinker. I believe we should have more than just the two party system. However, I agree with lots of issues that RPaul has brought up..elminiating the Federal Reserve, cutting foreign aide,
    stop being the policemen of the world. Every able bodied age appropriate welfare recipient must work for their benefits whether it’s keeping highways, streets clean…They should have to keep their homes, apartments clean and safe…we as tax payers should not be providing them with janitors and secruity gards. Yes, those making more than 250,000 yearly can afford to have their income taxes raised to help pay off the deficit…Federal government should be cut in half. More power and money should stay with the states. government employees, all politicians should be on the same SS and medicare system as the rest of us. grandfather in those who are 40 and over into the present ss & medicare system and let the younger people vote how they want to handle their retirements. Eliminate all unions from government…we the public are held hostage by these people…they don’t work for us we work for them….I could go on and on. I havent seen independents make any strong stands on anything which is why they never win. RPaul is the best person who’s run for government for all long time…However, I don’t agree on republicans or liberatarians that anything should go in society…I do believe that we’re in the process of huge climate change whether it’s caused by our activities or a natural process how are we going to deal with it. No one is talking about this. I do believe in reasonable environment laws that protect us from killing pollution…


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