Independent Women, To The Front of The Line

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March 25, 2012: The Philadelphia Tribune: Independents will pick 2012 winner

Robert Traynham of the Philadelphia Tribune writes that Independent voters, and specifically Independent women will decide whether Romney or Obama wins the presidency:

What we will see is both candidates looking at the same data and drawing the same conclusion: Independent voters will decide their fate. Independent voters typically share the same traits; they are more educated than the average voter, typically with a master’s degree or higher, are more informed on current social and international issues and they typically make up their minds about which candidate they’re going to support at the last minute, sometimes even not knowing when they enter the voting booth. Independent voters are also prickly. They’re not interested in going to political rallies, or being prodded by phone calls from the campaigns; rather, they choose to seek information about the candidates the old-fashioned way, by doing their own homework and drawing their own conclusions.

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