Independents Will Decide This Presidential Election. Why Doesn’t The President Care?

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April 11, 2012: The Atlantic: Doesn’t Obama Care About Swing Voters?
Now that the Republican and Democratic candidates for president are set, it’s time for that every-four-year race to the middle.  Columnist Clive Crook asks why a President with a decidedly centrist record in office isn’t talking about it in his campaign for 2012.  Our analysis?  This will be one of the most negative elections you will ever witness, both parties think there are more of them than the other side, and both parties believe the presidential election will come down to who can turn out more of theirs, while the independent vote shrinks in disgust.  What’s your take?

From Clive Crook in The Atlantic:

Swing voters like Obama–and I’m sure they agree with him that the Republican party has lurched to the right. So I’ll ask a question I’ve asked before: Why can’t Obama and his advisers see this as an opportunity to seize the center? The middle has opened up, and the Democrats have a charismatic well-liked politician who could win those votes for their side. Yet he’s choosing to press the Old Democrat themes of fairness and equality, and needlessly presenting swing voters with a dilemma. I’m sure I’m too simple-minded, but the logic of the strategy escapes me.

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