IVA March Madness Bracket!

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IVA Madness

It’s here! The much anticipated IVA March Madness  bracket! After consulting our Facebook community, scouring the country for the most relevant independent minded politicians, and debating seeds and regional placements, the bracket has arrived! Our deepest apologies to the “last four out,” Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), Gov. Buddy Roemer (?-LA), Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND), and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Best of luck next year, and good luck in the NIT (National Independent Tourney)!

This year’s diverse field features six “independents,” six Republicans, three Democrats, and one third party presidential candidates. Six of our politicians are “party switchers,” five have run for President, six have Governed, and eight are currently serving in the US Senate.

The sixteen politicians picked by our “selection committee” span a wide variety of ideological positions, from Bernie Sanders on the far left, to Dr. Ron Paul or his son Sen. Rand Paul on the far right. While they may disagree on many of the issues, all of our “sweet sixteen” share the common bond of frequently bucking the party line during their political careers, sticking to their convictions in the face of adversity, and making independent decisions, gaining the respect of members of the IVA community and voters around the country.

Over the next few weeks of March Madness, you’ll be able to register your votes on our Facebook page and make your picks for who’ll advance to the Elite Eight, Final Four, and ultimately, our Finals matchup. Each day over the next few weeks, we’ll offer a detailed breakdown and analysis of one matchup, so keep a browser tab open on www.IndependentVotersOfAmerica.org to make your voice heard and crown the best Independent politician in America!

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