IVA’s Bill Hillsman on The Second Debate

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Bill Hillsman, founder of Independent Voters of America, shares his insights on the second presidential debate held Tuesday night in Hempstead, NY.

Who Won? Obama did what he needed to do and was 100% better and more engaged than the first debate. But Romney did very, very well, especially in prosecuting his case against Obama’s record and the lack of economic progress over the last four years. Looking at this debate in isolation, I’d call it a draw. But for voters who are mostly persuaded by general impressions (as opposed to the specific content of the answers), if you’re the challenger and you manage a draw vs. the incumbent, it can be considered a win. In this case, a tie goes to the challenger.

Body Language: I don’t think body language and the strutting around the stage were a big deal for either candidate. Both Obama and Romney gave and got on that front. It’s really a function of the “town hall” debate format. Which I think sucks, because…

Town Hall Format: …Putting programmed, artificial questions in the mouths of ordinary citizens as a way of getting them to ‘directly participate in the process’ isn’t authentic and comes across for just what it is– highly staged.

It’s also a very tough format to moderate. Candy Crowley got run over by both Obama and Romney — she really didn’t control the proceedings at all. And once both the candidates realized she couldn’t control them, it just got worse.

Problems For Romney: Here’s why this debate was potentially problematic for Romney. He positions himself as a hard-headed business guy, and that image is buttressed when he throws around numbers, facts, and statistics. That’s attractive to independent and persuadable voters, but credibility is particularly important with these voters. So when you get undercut on some of those numbers and facts and statistics, it can be very damaging to your positioning.

Three examples from this debate:

1. Romney’s statement about whether Obama called the Libya incident an act of terrorism. He kept insisting he was correct… and he wasn’t. He was factually wrong, and he was called on it in real time by Crowley. (This, by the way, was her finest moment. I mean, at any sports bar or dinner conversation we can pick up our smart phones and find out a fact to settle a dispute; why can’t we see this done more often in these debates?) That’s undermines the image he wants to project; that he is in command of the facts.

2. Romney’s consistent response to calls for specifics about whether he can pay for the tax cuts and balanced budget is always ‘Of course it adds up.’ And then he changes the subject. Independents and persuadable voters are getting pretty tired of this act. If it adds up, then SHOW US HOW IT ADDS UP, Mr. Numbers Guy.

3. On the issue of energy production on federal lands, Romney kept quoting a statistic that was true but was slicing the baloney pretty thin. Obama called him on it and made him look bad. Energy producers who had permits to work federal lands weren’t using the permits, so the Obama administration pulled them. That seems pretty reasonable to most independent voters, and if that’s why energy production is down on some federal lines, that seems reasonable, too.

I thought that Romney ended up with egg on his face in these instances, and now he’s given persuadable voters and independents good reasons to doubt his use of facts and statistics coming down the stretch. That’s not good if your positioning is that you are the numbers and facts and statistics candidate in the race. He also had some questionable comments about his record on contraception funding, and if that’s proven to be inaccurate as well, the Obama campaign will shove it down his throat in front of women audiences for the next three weeks.

Where are independents? Finally, I know these two base-oriented campaigns want to keep telling us how small the independent/undecided vote is, and why they want to convince people of that– but it’s simply not true. If it were, you wouldn’t have seen numbers shift by four or six or nine percentage points after the first debate. There’s a good 12%-15% of the electorate (and possibly two or three points more) that is going to be sliding around — a lot — on who they support between now and the election. So these debates (and more importantly, the media resonance around the debates) are pretty consequential.

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  1. AI October 20, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    I agree with the second two points of your article… for lack of specifics on his economic plan and for his critique of the green energy production on federal lands… Romney made some crucial errors there. In my opinion the largest error being his lack of specifics on his plan. However as far as Libya… I think it is important to note that Candy was incorrect. In the speech she was referencing, Obama generically and very generally referenced acts of terror… He did not specifically say Libya was an act of terror. It was the typical politician’s phrasing: ambiguous, one that allowed Obama to let listeners to hear what they wanted. Even Candy backtracked on her “correction” of Romney after the debate.

  2. John October 23, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    You know, you don’t strike me as an independent thinker. In reality, since you obviously follow politics, if you don’t know who you’re voting for at this point, you don’t really care about our country. How you can beat up Romney for a lack of specifics when Obama has destroyed our country with just about every single act he’s taken. There are specifics there, that the ignorant left is ignoring. America’s has prospered b/c we can FIRE the current leader if he’s a failure and or does not fulfill his oath to protect and defend our Constitution, prefaced by our Declaration of Independence and confirmed by our Bill of Rights. It’s clear he does not believe in American exceptionalism and has said those very words. Thank God a good portion of America has paid enough attention to see the repeated lies and poor judgement of our president. If voter fraud can be minimized, we’ll put a man of character in the white house > MITT ROMNEY, and finally a qualified VP with Paul Ryan. You have a platform, how about you do some real research rather than listen to CNN or MSNBC and find out the truth. The media cannot be trusted and repeatedly refuse to report what does not promote their bull. Who doesn’t love freedom, property rights & safety and the promotion of the same throughout the world??? So how can you keep the current train of destruction racing through our country. STOP IT NOW.


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