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An interesting article at The Hill points out how independent voters are “rocking” political polls so far this year. This isn’t new, as the fake science of political polling is AGAIN getting thrown for a loop by Independent voters. This has been going on for a long time:  most political pollsters wouldn’t know an self-identified Independent voter even if you went up and twisted their Pinnocchio noses. Independent voters are hard to identify, hard to find, and frankly, we have better things to do with our time than spend 20-30 minutes answering some inane poll. The key phrase in this article?  “Independents will decide the result.”  But until we do, let’s have some fun and keep them guessing, like this:

Sometimes there are oddly large month-to-month swings within a single polling organization’s numbers for independents. And even when you focus on specialized polls, like those of swing states being conducted by Gallup for USA Today or Purple Strategies, the independent voting is inconsistent. Gallup’s latest polling had President Obama up handily among independents in swing states, while the Purple Poll had Mitt Romney winning independents. What’s up?

This is also why we’ve created the iVoter Score, our project to provide the sharpest insights into independent voters and how they feel about a diverse range of issues. Nobody has taken the time to do this before, and our goal is to disrupt the ongoing misunderstanding of the independent voter by political pollsters, the media and the mainstream political parties. If you haven’t already, take a moment and take the iVoter Questionnaire to get your iVoter Score.

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    • IVA IVA June 3, 2012 at 6:32 pm

      Bill, thanks for taking the time to complete the iVoter Questionnaire. It’s not worthless at all, we’re at the start of the project. We don’t have anything to compare it to yet because we’re in data collection mode and placing independent voters effectively requires an amount of initial data baselining as we don’t fall easily on the typical left/right political spectrum. That’s why we ask the issues questions that we do. So, after we have about 1000 people complete the questionnaire (and we’re closing in on that number) we will have a big enough dataset to show patterns across the political spectrum and to begin showing how independent voters actually feel about the range of issues we are asking about. All will be anonymous, but the result will be the most comprehensive analysis of independent voters to date. So, be patient with us as we pull all of this together and report it back to the independent voter community.


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