Our country started with a declaration of shared beliefs. Today we share a belief that we need to get our government back on track. These are principles we believe in. Give them a read and if you agree, sign the manifesto below to show your support.

We Believe…

America’s Democracy, not just "participative" Democracy, is the best and most just system of government the world has ever known.
The more people who participate in our democratic form of government, the stronger we make our country.
More people participate in elections when they are given more choices, more candidates, more ideas, more honest opinions, and more voices.
The two major political parties are more interested in money and power and control than they are in governing for the good of the American people.
To take back our government, independent American voters must help break the two parties’ stranglehold on our elections.
Anyone or any group that intentionally attempts to depress voter turnout is guilty of a crime against Democracy.
Young people overwhelmingly self-identify as Independents. They are working hard to take this country forward with new ideas, new ways of communicating, and new ways of building communities.
Independent voters are the deciding swing vote in every close election.
People are imperfect; political candidates are people; therefore there is no perfect candidate.
We want to vote FOR candidates, not against them. We don’t believe in voting for the lesser of two evils or the “least worst” candidate.
As independents, we are not interested in more political parties. Look where the two we have got us today.
We maintain our freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice in every election, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof.
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