Michael Bloomberg: The Best Presidential Candidate We May Never Have

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March 28, 2012: Wall Street Journal: Michael Bloomberg: Federal Budgets and Class Warfare

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticizes both parties’ approaches to taxing and spending and the federal budget deficit. Bloomberg writes “The era of something for nothing must end if we are to get our country back on track. The nominee who is more willing to tell that truth to the American people will win the election.”

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  1. Joanne May 20, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Just a reminder regarding Bloomberg he was originally a Democrat, couldn’t win the democrat primary so he switched parties in 2001 and ran in the Republican Party. He was mayor of NY twice under the Republican Party and could not run again for a third term as a Republican, knowing he would not win re-election under the Democrat Party he switched to an Independent. So do you really believe that he would be a good choice for President when has switched parties three times to be elected and stay in office? For me he proves that he is a professional politician who loves power just as much as anyone in Congress.

    • Are July 3, 2012 at 11:41 am

      Keith,1. Bloomberg will not spend $1B. The guy isn’t insane. 2. Independents don’t win. Well OK they do in Minnesota where obuvoisly something is in the drinking water and needs to be fixed.3.Perot had more money than Blommberg and didn’t win 1 EV even though he won 18% of the vote in 1992. To win you need a coalition of some sorts. Perot picked off some dems, some reps, so libertarians, some here, some there. You dont’t win elections like that. And you don’t build a coalition in a few months.4. Nobody outside of NY and political junkies have ever heard of him. See #3 why this matters.5. He keeps saying he won’t run. He is doing what Thompson did. Kept saying, no, no, no and when he decided to do it, it was too late.6. He is Hillary. He is Obama. He is a Democrat who believes in everything Hillary and Obama believe in. He’ll split the liberal vote and get a few conservatives to vote for him who are disgusted with the GOP. Again, see #3 why this doesn’t win elections. He will not be able to win EVs with that kind of strategy.7. If by some miracle he does win some EVs, no way he wins 270 in a 3 way race. So the election goes to the House of Reps. In the House of Reps 99% of members are either Dems or Reps. And guess who they will vote for?In a way I hope he runs so I can bet against him. Even if I have to bet $1000 to win $10, I’ll take tha t bet. This would be the surest thing since sure things were invented.

    • Leslie Monaghan August 1, 2012 at 12:16 pm

      I love power and I’m not a professional politician. I’m a housewife/student/artist. We need a powerful smart person in office who knows how to get things done. Someone who keeps getting up after they loose.

      We NEED a leader. We NEED Mike Bloomberg.


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