Mitt Romney’s Wall Street Mentality

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Mitt Romney

“I get speakers fees from time to time,” said Mitt Romney. “But not very much.”

A show of hands, please. Do you make $374,000 a year to share your wisdom? And if so, do you consider $374,000 not very much money?

In an economy where most new jobs don’t pay much and don’t come with benefits, $374,000 to give recycled speeches written by enthusiastic underlings would seems to most of us to be a pretty good job. And a large amount of money.

Wall Street claims to be a major engine of our economy and a major creator of jobs. But recently, all it seems to do is move money around, to the detriment of its clients and our economy, with the only beneficiaries being themselves and their stockholders. In other words, people like Mitt Romney.

Presumably, we could all do what Romney is doing. And since jobs are scarce, why not try sharing your personal stories and opinions and charging some exorbitant fees for them?

Next time you’re on Facebook, do this: (1) “Friend” an organization like GoldenTree Asset Management or the International Franchise Association–two organizations that have paid big bucks to have Romney speak. (2) Share your wisdom and observations: “Just went to the Mini-Mart. Why are they always out of Fig Newtons?” (3) Send a bill to your new “Friends.” They probably won’t pay, but hey, they might.

If you’re one of those Americans who believe that our elected leaders—of both parties– should have some remote clue as to what our day-to-day lives are like, join Independent Voters of America.

We believe in common sense, accountability in government (and on Wall Street), and getting real value for and a return on our tax dollars. Maybe Wall Street has some ideas on how to do that.

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