Obama Attempts to Shore Up Independent Voter Support with Same Sex Marriage Position

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Whatever you personally think of President Obama’s decision to voice his support of same sex marriage this past week, there’s no doubt that the decision was historic. There’s also no doubt that this was a decision made with the maximum political calculus and analysis of Obama’s electoral prospects in mind, but here’s some simple statistics we saw that could shed some light on David Axelrod & Co.’s thinking:

“Typical was a Gallup survey last week that showed 50 percent of Americans supporting legalized gay marriage, with just 48 percent opposing it. Just as important, the shrinking percentage of Americans opposing gay marriage is increasingly concentrated in the GOP, which reduces their value as swing voters. The same Gallup poll showed self-identified independents supporting gay marriage by a 57-40 margin, far closer to the Democrats’ 65-34 division than to the Republicans’ 22-to-74 split.”
-May 10, 2012: The New Republic: Obama’s Smart Decision on Same Sex Marriage

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