One Independent Candidate’s “15% Solution” For America’s Economic Woes

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Dave Anderson


Dave Anderson, Independent Candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 5th congressional district, penned this op-ed published on Monday in the Colorado Springs Gazette about our nation’s struggling economic recovery, and what he’d do about it from a public policy standpoint.

In the piece, Anderson argues for what he calls a “truly free” market in contrast to current American economic policy, and also takes on a little bit of Ron Paul (or, as a devil’s advocate would say, an unrealistic anti-globalist viewpoint) when he calls for a separation between Economic Policy and Foreign Policy:

“This isn’t free market economics. Elected officials — including those who profess to be free market advocates — tell us that we just need to wait for the failure of global competitors because they can’t keep up their predatory behaviors. In the meantime, people suffer. Our economy weakens and we are ever less self-reliant or capable of defense. Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution outlines Congressional responsibilities to address this problem. Are members of Congress carrying out their Constitutional obligations? What do the figures say?

The last four administrations have asked us to sacrifice our well-being and that of our children, and to do so without taking steps to defend our freedoms in the global economy. Merely hoping that our adversaries will fail, we enable their efforts to undermine our capabilities, sap our fundamental strengths and leave our people without jobs.

The answer is very clear: Alexander Hamilton established an economic policy in 1791 that fueled American economic growth through 1945. Economic policy then became linked to foreign policy. We have since ceded market after market to state-owned enterprises and predatory government competitors that have adopted a policy framework that made America. Restoring competitive balance requires a set of 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles that are in our national interest and match what other countries have deployed.

We know how to create millions of good private sector jobs in short order. We elevate domestic goods production from the present 10 percent to 15 percent of the economy. Every $80,000 reduction in our international trade deficit generates a primary job. Neutralizing our record deficit would generate four million primary jobs, eliminating an annual economic drain equivalent to recent stimulus packages. Good jobs. Genuine prosperity. The 15 percent solution is straightforward, and we need to chasten every member of Congress that puts any other priority first.”

As an Independent voter, what do you think about Anderson’s “15% solution” for America’s economy?

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