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Mark Schmitt of the Roosevelt Institute writes eloquently about the problems of Americans Elect, and does a good job placing them in the greater context of political reform that could fix some of the problems with the current American two-party system.

“So Americans Elect recapitulates many of the problems with the electoral system it seeks to fix: It’s evasive about actual policy choices, and driven by money rather than enthusiasm. And what’s not often noted about it is that… it is dominated by people who are DC’s winners—successful lobbyists and campaign consultants… As a channel for discontent with the political process, it’s like a company-controlled union.”

Schmitt makes a great point here, one problem with Americans Elect is that the inmates are running the asylum. It’s hard to legitimately and authentically have the perspective of working to exact political reform when you’ve made a career out of gaming the status quo.

“The point is that political change takes diligence, patience, and a real theory about the goal and how to achieve it. Eventually, the United States might have a third, fourth, or fifth party that earns clout by showing appreciation of that reality. In this election cycle, at least, it seems clear that Americans Elect won’t be it.”

All in all this is a great read, and we’d recommend taking a look at the full article as well as our IVA Angle on Americans Elect.

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