Diary: Houston we have a problem!!!!

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A diary writer at makes the case that Libertarian Gary Johnson is a legitimate third party candidate for President in 2012 and compares his prospects to Ralph Nader’s in 2000.  Members, what do you think?  Is Gary Johnson someone you could get behind as a potential independent candidate for President?

March 20, 2012: LA Times: Opinion: Don’t let Americans Elect muddy the 2012 race

The American Prospect’s Harold Meyerson is not a big fan of adding more choices to our presidential races.  He does a number on American$elect in this op-ed piece and touches on a question we have been thinking about for a couple of months:  is American$elect actually paving the way for New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to run as a late-entry, Perot-like independent candidate for President?  Or how about retiring Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine?

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