Republican Reads Democratic Poll; Sees Trouble For Obama With Independent Voters

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April 9, 2012: The Washington Post: Keep an eye on independent voters in 2012

Ed Rogers has his eye on you, Independent Voters! Better comb your hair.

I believe it is a given that he will not have the surge in turnout among youth voters and African Americans that he had in 2008.  He must make up the difference among independents. According to the poll, conducted in battleground states in mid-March, President Obama won 57 percent of “swing independent” voters in 2008; but today, he is only at 44 percent among this group.  It is safe to assume Obama will need at least 60 percent of independents like these to win in November.

And in 2012, Obama is more of a known commodity.  In 2008, he had the advantage of being unknown, and therefore full of promise and potential.  Those longing for promise and potential today have mostly given up on Obama.   Even with Romney having had to run to the right during the last several months, he’s closer to these swing independents ideologically than Obama.

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  1. Marcos September 1, 2012 at 1:06 am

    , Obama’s lack of experience is stinnung. I don’t mean to suggest that we should only elect Washington insiders – but rather someone who has proven themselves in some professional arena – governor, successful businessman… ANYTHING. Obama’s experience can be summed up as community organizer (with debatable success) and two years as a junior Senator (the last two years were spent running for president) with nothing to show for it. Those two years in the senate are the only things that separate his experience from the average American walking the streets today. He lost an election for House of Representatives in 2000, then was elected to the Senate ONLY because his opponent was involved in a sex scandal right before the election – otherwise he would have lost in a landslide as a Democratic candidate in a heavily Democratic state. He is not a serious candidate for office, just a good speaker reader at this point. America, which makes him no more qualified to be president than any actor working on a television courtroom drama show. McCain is not perfect, but at least he has the resume for the job.


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