Role Of Independents In Wisconsin Recall Election

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 The Christian Science Monitor reports that Wisconsin’s recall election could very possibly come down to the decisions made by independent voters. Due to Wisconsin’s open primary system members of all political parties, including independents and even Republicans, can vote in today’s Democratic primary election. It’s what is happening with Independent Voters in Wisconsin that is particularly interesting:

Independents have recoiled from the partisan bickering that has deadlocked Wisconsin politics since Walker took office in 2011 and pushed through legislation that weakened the collective-bargaining power of public-sector unions. But how they’ll vote on Tuesday could be complicated, because there is evidence of fracture among both Republican-leaning and Democratic-leaning independents: There are some Democratic-leaning independents who are angered that the continued round of recall elections is draining state resources, and there are some Republican-leaning independents who feel Walker overreached his mandate.

While some Democrats worry that Republicans will flood the polls in the manner of “Operation Hilarity,” GOP voters may take to the polls today to vote for Kathleen Falk, considered the weaker of the two candidates who could go on to face Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 general election. However, results could come down to independent voters. Thirty-six percent of those voting Tuesday identify themselves as independent, according to the polling conducted by Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee.



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