Should Independent Voters Claim The Americans Elect Political “Ghost Ship?”

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In a thought-provoking article, Joe Rothstein of U.S. Politics Today likens the “elitist, top-down” Americans Elect organization to a political ghost ship, ready to be claimed by a new populist movement.

…A political ghost ship has been launched. A ship without a rudder that has secured presidential ballot lines in 29 states with more than the 270 electoral votes needed to punch a ticket for the White House. The momentum generated by the Americans Elect effort is likely to secure it places on even more state ballots.

And not just in 2012. Once qualified, political parties can remain on ballots in most states as long as their candidates attract a minimum number of votes. And not just for President. Enough people organizing within the various states under the Americans Elect banner can take control of the nominating process, from governor to county clerk. They can even change their party’s name, to something like, for example, “Tea Party Elects” or “Progressive Party for Change.”

Just like a ghost ship, which under maritime law can be claimed by whomever captures her, Americans Elect is now adrift, waiting to be boarded.

Clearly, the boarding party will not be “centrists.” Americans Elect raised and spent upwards of $25 million trying to form a third-party “centrist” coalition. No, if Americans Elect is captured before it sinks, the new owners will be a much more aggressive crew.“ 

Should independent voters get on board?  What are your suggestions for how to do it?

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  1. Jeff MacDonald May 24, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    What a waste if independents don’t get on board! It’s not about party lines, it’s about voting in people that are determined to give the majority what they are paying for. Stand beside the Red White and Blue! Following red or blue is what bloods and crips do. We are all on this ship together.

  2. Connor Vlakancic May 27, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Here is the website that explains how Americans Elect (with independentvotersofamerica participation) could launch a political “movement” a literal political tsunami by empowering the nonpartisan candidate signature gathering process that coordinates the multiple Independent candidates where the election boundries overlap for local, county, state Rep, state Senator, US Rep, US Senator, state state-wide offices and US President. Where ever a signature collecting event is organized in a public location, all such candidates would participate and the voter electorate would come to sign for those candidates they desire to recognize. A very-primary election that tax payers are not on the hook to pay for.

  3. Fred May 30, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Americans Elect spent upwards of $25 million building a comprehensive infrastructure to provide a greater voice for all Americans, it would be a terrible waste not to capitalize on the work already put into such a robust product… Americans Elect should be captured before it sinks and the new owners need to be much more attentive to their delegates and more aggressive in promoting the brand…

  4. William J. Kelleher, Ph.D. May 30, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Here is my explanation for why AE has failed, and how to capture that Ghost Ship –

    Peter Ackerman – A Traitor to His Class!

    But why doesn’t the nation know this?!

    Here is why:
    The PR contractors muddled the AE brand in two big ways. First, they let fear-driven suspicions about a Wall Street trick fester in the public’s mind. They should have had a fast moving, sharp tongued response team. (All they had was a general news magazine sent out by email and called rapid response.)

    Second, by letting Americans think that AE is a “third party” they really screwed up. Americans yawn at the prospect of yet another party on the political scene. Of course, it’s not a “party” at all. It has no policy slate, or issue positions. It’s a PROCESS for holding an online primary w/o the domination of the two-party system elites.

    AE should have been presented as what it is – a bold challenger to the status quo. Instead, the PR people sent out a couple of soft spoken Mr. Nice Guys who didn’t want to offend anyone, but who wanted to be Everyman’s Friend. That’s not the spirit that drives political reform!

    Incompetent PR is the direct cause of the lack of awareness and enthusiasm for AE.

    The Ghost Ship can be captured, but next time, AE supporters will have to recover from the PR damage its paid contractors have caused its brand. We will have to make it known that our focus is on Political Reform, and that we are the up-coming challengers to the dominant two-party system. We should NOT present AE as Everyman’s Friend, because we don’t want to be friends with the Established Elites – we want to kick their butts off the political stage!

    Once folks start hearing that message, they will start to pay more attention. So, changing the AE image should be at the top of our long term agenda. (For more, )

    William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.
    Twitter: wjkno1
    Author: Internet Voting Now!

  5. Pamela Hall June 2, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    I liked what you said. I would like to have a viable option for President other than the disgusting options the 2 parties present. It would be great to see who would be viable, and then if possible unite in support of the viable one.


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