Surprised? Independents Dislike 2012 Race

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Independent voters are spread across a wide ideological spectrum and often have differing views on the issues, but dislike of the 2012 presidential campaign was one point many agreed on in the most recent Washington Post-ABC News poll taken from October 10-14th:

By 62 to 28 percent, more independents report an unfavorable than favorable impression of the presidential election, with strongly negative ratings outnumbering strongly positive ones by nearly 3 to 1.

Why? The hyperpartisan, overwhelmingly negative tone of the Obama and Romney campaigns for one. Independents surveyed specifically showed their distaste with focus on partisan attacks rather than issues at hand, as well as a lack of specifics purposefully obscured by political point scoring from both sides:

A separate Post-ABC poll released Monday offers some key reasons for the backlash: More than half of independents say the Obama and Romney campaigns alike are mainly attacking, not addressing the issues. Six in 10 say the candidates have not done enough to detail the policies they would pursue as president.

How do you feel about the “sport” of politics? Are you engaged, or disgusted and turned off by the 2012 campaign? Register your opinion now in our highly unscientific poll displayed on the Independent Voters of America Facebook page.

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