“The Best Elections Money Can Buy.”

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That’s the headline from an article by long-time Independent voter Rob Lafferty (he voted for both John Anderson and Ross Perot for President) decries the overwhelming influence of Big Money on our political system. He also notes something Independent voters should keep in mind over the next five months:  federal election political ads can’t be censored, and therefore they play far looser with the facts than commercial products and services can with their advertising.  Political ads as a whole are far, far more intentionally misleading than any other type of advertising.  Lafferty on the outcomes of our current moneyed political process:

Having the best elections money can buy may be a timeless tradition in America, but it’s one that has served us poorly. Regardless of who wins, odds are that once again, the majority of citizens will receive second-class representation.

We could not agree more.

The issue of federal election political ads being held to a low factual threshold is a big one, and in this election cycle we will see boundaries pushed as far from a factual foundation as possible. IVA members:  would it help for us to develop a rating system for campaign ads? 

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