The IVA Community Has Spoken: VP Debate Too Close To Call*

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CBS said Biden won. CNN said Ryan won. But what did IVA Facebook community members think?

In a vote that went right down to the wire, the Independent Voters of America Facebook Community, the largest aggregated community of independents online, registered their opinion on who won last night’s Vice Presidential debate in a completely unscientific Facebook poll conducted shortly after the conclusion of said debate. In the end, out of 3973 Facebookers who viewed the poll, over 500 chose to weigh in, with the final tally of 262 votes for Biden and 244 for Ryan, or a tiny 52-48% margin of victory for the sitting Vice President.

In case you were wondering why we deemed the results of our survey “too close to call*,” the margin of error for our sample calculated was plus or minus 4.1%, meaning that because the difference between Ryan and Biden’s numbers was so slim and within the margin of error, the results of this unscientific survey have scientifically been rendered “not statistically significant.”

Whew. Good to know our “polls” are just as unreliable as the rest of them!

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