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Last week we announced to the independent voter community here at our site and on our Facebook page the iVoter Project. Today, we’re announcing it to the world. Over the last two days we have been talking with bloggers, journalists and other interested parties to give them a preview of what iVoter is and what we hope to do with it on behalf of independent voters. We also just released the following to major media outlets:

Independent Voters of America, the country’s largest online community of swing voters, announced today it is launching the most inclusive ongoing study of independent voters’ opinions with its iVoter Project.

Voters joining the organization get their own personal iVoter Score by sharing their positions on a randomly generated series of political issues. The iVoter Project will enable Independent Voters of America to identify which issues are most important to independent voters and where the independent voter community stands on those issues.

“With nearly 40% of the electorate made up of self-identified independent voters, it’s time the two major political parties and the national media recognize that independent voters’ opinions do not fit neatly on a linear left/right or liberal/conservative spectrum,” said Bill Hillsman, IVA’s founder. “With the iVoter Score, we are adding a third dimension to political identification.”

“This project will help inform politicians and elected officials that the opinions of Independent voters are at least as important as those of Republicans and Democrats, and candidates for office ignore these opinions at their peril. After all, independent voters outnumber voters of either party, and we are the swing votes that decide every close election,” said Hillsman.

Independent voters can register and get their personal iVoter Score at (To view a short video that describes the iVoter Score process, click here.)

Independent Voters of America began publishing articles online in early 2012 and launched its website — — in late March. In less than two months, IVA has become the largest and fastest-developing online community of independent voters, growing to more than 17,000 in just four weeks and now reaching over 1,000,000 people every week on Facebook.

The organization’s goals are to build the largest group of self-identified independent voters in America, to bring fresh voices and more choices into our politics, to act as a counterweight to the two major political parties, and to reduce gridlock, force progress and bring a new accountability to Washington.

If you have not already, take a moment and investigate iVoter for yourself and if you are so inclined, please answer the series of questions to get your iVoter Score. You can just click on “iVoter” in the navigation at the top of the page and sign in with Facebook.

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