“The Partisan Death Jam”

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2012 Campaign Bundlers Graphic

That headline above is from an article we linked to via Salon, and there is something about that headline and this quote from the same article we linked to on our Facebook page this morning:

“The two parties aren’t just making progress impossible, they’re destroying our political system.”

This “partisan death jam” is playing out right before our eyes, and the money flowing into the jam from “influencers” being organized by “bundlers” is really quite remarkable. The graphic above is just an excerpt of a larger graphic via OpenSecrets.org depicting the money bundling undertaken by both the Obama and Romney campaigns that just gets to the heart of so much that is wrong with the two party dominated political system. The money, the influence buying and selling and ultimately the total disruption of democracy. We’ve talked openly before about the solution not being another political party, like an Independent Party, but instead being about more people becoming aware, angry and supporting a growing slate of independent candidates who want to unwind the money/government/special interest knot and get back to being responsible to the American people.

You need to see the full graphic, but it’s too big to reproduce here.

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