The Same Old Political Crap

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One of the reasons the United States Constitution exists is to protect us from our own government, especially our right to privacy from unwarranted intrusion by the government.  Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, both parties have been complicit in a steady infringement of our privacy rights through legislation in Congress.

We have seen:
·      Terrorism, crime and the war on drugs used as excuses to pass unconstitutional laws that suppress our civil rights
·      Wiretap powers greatly extended, with reduced judicial overview
·      Fewer privacy protections and more information-sharing among intelligence agencies
·      Increased surveillance of political dissenters
·      Use of IRS audits to compile evidence for criminal prosecutions, often in violation of the IRS’ own internal regulations, with no remedy for violations of taxpayers’ constitutional rights
·      Increased monitoring of attorney-client conversations
·      Reduced government compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests
·      Major restrictions on immigration

Many members of Congress and candidates for public office seem to be unhealthily fixated on the private lives and personal activities of citizens in areas such as abortion, sexual identification, and the recreational use of mind-altering substances.

Congress, the Administration and members of both political parties are responsible for creating a healthy and stable economy in which we as citizens can conduct commerce, make, save and invest our money, and achieve financial goals that are good for the country at large, such as buying a home, sending our children to college and planning our retirement.  We pay a lot of our money in taxes to help them create a stable economy.  Yet they have failed miserably to do so.

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