Time Running Out For Richard Lugar’s Senate Career

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Moderate Republican Senator from Indiana Richard (Dick) Lugar’s Senate career will most likely end today, despite late pleas to Hoosier’s of all political parties to support him in today’s Indiana primaries. Lugar said in an interview today, that he wanted to “emphasize” he was inviting every single voter in Indiana to support his candidacy, no matter their party.

“Those of us who are Republicans have to make certain that we enlarge our party, that we have persons who may have been independent in the past who are going to be independent Republicans or independents generally who are going to favor our party. Because our party, at least in Indiana, is only about 35 percent of the electorate. In order for anybody to get majority, they’re going to have a lot of other people,” he said.

“So I’m appealing to all of the people of Indiana — I emphasize all — to ask for a Republican ballot today and to vote for me.”

Although Lugar wasn’t close to victory in the most recent polling, there’s a chance he could have swayed enough moderate Hoosier voters with his late pleas. Stay tuned for tonight’s election result, but brace yourself as an independent voter for another loss of a moderate incumbent legislator to a hyperpartisan challenger.

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