Jesse Ventura’s Book Tour – Top Ten Quotables

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We’ve posted about this quite a few times on our Facebook Page, and you may have seen elsewhere that former Independent Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura is out with a new book that rails against America’s two party system. Entitled “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs In Government,” Ventura’s book is a provocative and cynical look at American politics today.

Last week, Ventura made the “book tour” rounds on cable news stations, and gave interviews to the media that would book him (MSNBC and FOX News withstanding) to promote DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans - here’s a top ten list of quotables from the book tour so far:

10. “It became apparent to me that the only way a third party is going to survive is they have to corrupt themselves also, because the mainstream media won’t give them a chance because they’re beholden to the two parties and the two-party system…So if a third party is going to survive, they have to take the bribes — they call them campaign donations, but it’s bribery. They would have to get down in the mud with the pigs. They would become just as corrupt… We already have a two-headed monster; why would we need a three-headed one?’’

9. “The trouble is, supporters of the Tea Party are — whether they’re aware of it or not — snorting Koch.”

8. “In February 2003, I signed a three-year contract with MSNBC to host a talk show… They’d told me I’d have complete artistic control, but almost from the get-go, I had to tell the cable network that I hadn’t been hired to read off a teleprompter. However, they wanted all the subjects and guests to be handed down from upstairs, and I started having to fight the brass on a daily basis. I wanted to do meat-and-potatoes journalism about things that impact people in the big picture — not tabloid stuff like they were feeding me. Before long, they’d scaled everything back; I’d go on once a week at 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. In the worst possible time-slot, I still had the second rated news-talk show on MSNBC, right after Hardball. I’d completed five shows when the network cancelled it and bought out my contract that December.”

7. “If you write controversial books like I do… the media will not give you the coverage that you should get because, of course, the media is all owned by the corporations, and the corporations are who run the government.”

6. “This may be my last time, I’ve written five New York Times best sellers. The last four have all been critical of the government. I’ve warned everybody… If they’re not going to listen, well, you get tired of pounding your head against the wall.”

5. ”I’ve always been socially liberal. I’m fiscally conservative. That’s why I dont fit into either party, because you have to be Conservative conservative, or Liberal liberal, and I’m fiscally conservative. I believe in less government, I believe that government is far too intrusive in our lives.”

4. ”The Crips and the Bloods, the street gangs, while they can be devastating to a certain small part of the population, the “Democrips” and “Rebloodicans,” they affect everybody in this country and they’ve been in charge for 100 years… The best thing we could do is on every ballot remove all gang names and gang symbols… Allow them to run on their names. That way, it becomes important that the voter educate themselves.”

3. “When Gov. [Angus] King makes it to the Senate — and I sure hope he does — in Maine, we’ll have one honest voice out there.”

2. “They’ve created a system based upon bribery. Today, Wall Street owns our politicians, no matter which party (gang) it is — their allegiance is to the corporations and big business… If only we could find leaders that rise above the cult of personality and self-aggrandizement.”

1. “Like more and more guys, I experience electile dysfunction. That’s defined as the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2012 election year”


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  1. Mike Murphy June 18, 2012 at 5:59 am

    Governor, I am very impressed with what I just read. I am afraid the corporations are too entrenched for us to make change. War’s are farmed out to Blackwater where soldiers make good pay w/less rules of engagement. Eisenhower (smartly) warned us of the Military/Industrial complex one day before leaving office. The next president was assassinated. Connection? Have you seen the youtube video of the Secret Service detail being called off Kennedy as the agents protest vehemently? It’s pretty stunning…one agent is obvioulsly saying WTF?
    to his superior. Reagan gave ALL the power to the 1% so we have a choice between Big Govt or Big Business…but the choice is gone…we lost. I don’t know why the GOP hates Obama…well we ALL know but he’s in the pocket of BB and I’m about out of hope. I’m glad I don’t have children but I will leave my two nephews my best weaponry. How many lists have I made with THIS note? You rock Jesse! Next go round we’ll do it better. maybe. PS. What are your feelings regarding Gary Johnson? The ex Guv of NM?

  2. Kyara June 28, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Man, I love Jesse Ventura. His idea’s are not too far fetched at all. The problem is, Americans are just too damn lazy to think outside their parties lines.


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