“We Weren’t Founded By Republicans and Democrats…”

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We like what we’ve seen so far from the Angus King for Senate campaign. For those of you who are unfamiliar with King, he’s Maine’s former two-term Independent Governor (1995-2003), and he is the clear frontrunner and presumed November winner of fellow moderate Olympia Snowe’s US Senate seat. In the short time he’s been campaigning thus far, he hasn’t taken any flack from either party apparatus, and has remained coy about his intentions to caucus with either party if and when he’s elected. The reality is that Senate control could very possibly wrest on King’s election and his willingness to work with either party, and both parties are terrified of this reality. It is fully expected that both parties will unleash a barrage of negative attack ads against King, but that may cost them much more than they could possibly gain, especially as King continues to call them out. He recently released a more direct and stern warning to both the national parties who may flood his state with negative ads to derail his candidacy:

“I will take note of how I am treated in this campaign.”

“Mainers” polled for the article have voiced their overwhelming support for King’s candidacy: his most recent favorability rating was an astounding 70/16 positive/negative (for the sake of comparison, Barack Obama’s is 43/45) and the superlatives used to describe the situation by voter Mark Schoninger should be music to any Independent voter’s ears:

“We weren’t founded by Republicans and Democrats… We were founded by people who opposed tyranny, and we have these two parties who have become their own little tyrannies.”

More on King and his candidacy at the NY Times.

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