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Welcome to Independent Voters of America!

The rise of the independent voter is the most important development to emerge in American politics over the past 30 years. Today, a clear plurality of voters are self-identified independents—approximately 40% of the electorate. And, as swing voters, we are the deciding vote in every close election.

When Congress has an 11% approval rating, when the legislative and executive branches of our government would rather argue than get anything accomplished, when the government threatens to shut down every year, when our elected officials fail to make our economy secure, when nobody even pretends to care about working together to solve the real problems we have—well, we’ve lost control of our government.

Our highest levels of elected officials no longer fear or feel accountable to the voters. 2012 is an important election year. Now is the time to send a message and begin to regain control of our government.

Independent Voters of America will make our government more accountable to its citizens by using the only power politicians understand: our ability to put them into– or remove them from– elected office.

We are building the largest community of self-identified independent voters in America. We want to act as a counterweight to the two major political parties; and force progress, reduce the gridlock that is paralyzing our country, and bring a new accountability to Washington.

You can help fix our country– by joining today.

We all aren’t going to agree on everything. In fact, it’s quite possible that we all won’t agree on anything. But that’s what’s unique about being independent. Unlike the two parties, Independent Voters of America won’t tell you what you have to believe or who you must vote for. We leave that up to you.

We will be an equal opportunity offender of both political parties.

The two major political parties in America are most interested in control. They want to control the political process, they want to control their candidates, they want to control the government, and most of all, they want to control the flow of money and tax dollars in this country. Because of this, elected officials in Washington no longer believe they must respond to voters; they believe they control the voters.

Independent voters refuse to be controlled. To a large part, we are happiest when politics and government leaves us alone. We want to be free to do with our lives as we see fit, and the same goes for our votes.

Being a “free agent” voter means each independent voter makes up his or her own mind, and votes in his or her own best interests in any given election. We vote for whomever we feel is the best candidate, regardless of what the political parties or the press tells us. As the largest group of “free agent” swing voters in the country, independents want to start electing candidates on the basis of results, not rhetoric.

If this sounds good to you,  join Independent Voters of America.

We will provide the members of our community with thought-provoking content and information that can stimulate new ideas and bring fresh voices and more choices into the political system.

And if we don’t like any of our choices, we reserve our right NOT to vote. Independent voters generally don’t believe in strategic voting, or voting for the lesser of two evils, or voting for the least worst candidate.

Just look where that kind of voting has gotten us today.

Independently yours,

Bill Hillsman
Independent Voters of America

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